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Ankara Top Fashion And Style

Fashion is one of the beautiful things the world has to offer. Fashion is one of the things that has single highhandedly broken the chains and brought nations and countries together.

Fashion at the very beginning was secluded to a distinct number of people but it began to spread across the world allowing for different cultures to showcase what they had. The genesis can be traced back to Africa and then to Europe and then back to Africa and then the Asian continent… sincerely its was like a merry go round until now.

Right at this moment we can see how cultures are being accepted by other people that are not even a part of that culture, although its still its its early stages but fashion I believe would be the first thing to finally join the world together. An example of what I mean by fashion joining the world together is; Several Asian, Caucasian and south american women rocking the streets in outfits that are either made from Ankara or with the african motifs and designs”. There are of cause a large number of women and men that are doing this now but in the long run it would be bigger, the world would no longer see it as appropriation but a cultural celebration as everyone would be roped in and we would be able to enjoy each others culture.

While we await such a day, lets first start by making sure that we all in our own country are rocking the Ankara fabric, here’s some fabulous Ankara tops that we believe you would love;

Which Ankara top is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below…

Victoria Beckham Target Collection

Victoria Beckham has launched an affordable range of clothing to suit "every budget or size" and it's caused quite a stir

In news that will surprise absolutely no one, Victoria Beckham’s collection for Target has sold out, so quickly in fact (less than 24 hours to be precise) that VB was forced to apologise.

Why are we not surprised? Well, it’s VB’s first high street line for starters, and everything was under £60.

Also, it’s a strong collection, with a mix of on-trend mod dresses and gingham pieces, paired with VB’s signature masculine tailored classics.

It all launched online yesterday, and sent everyone into a meltdown, especially those who just weren’t quick enough/asleep when it launched US time.

Has the Victoria Beckham’s Target clothing line sold out?

The eagerly anticipated affordable clothing collection went on sale just hours ago and unsurprisingly many items have sold out. 

Fans desperate to get their hands on the former Spice Girl’s line were left outraged after many items turned up on eBay – but for almost four times the price.

One of those pieces is the orange playsuit with scalloped detailing on the collar.Its original price tag was £35 but it was being sold on eBay with the hiked up price of £125, nearly four times the original amount.

A £30 jumper has also appeared on the auction site for for £79.99, more than double the price while a bunny collar dress was selling for £100 rather than the £35 retailed price.

Thankfully a few more items have now been added to the line and are available for purchase, so do hurry if you want to get your hands on them.Many people were unable to snap up the clothing range due to the large queues to even get on the website.

When they did get on, many pieces were out of stock.

@BougieSpice said: “There’s a good couple pieces I want from the VB Target collection but the one look I want, all the pants are sold out!!!”

There is a way to snap up items from the collection in the UK.

While many of the items have sold out, some of the clothing range is still available on

Target will not be shipping the collection to the UK, and it will only be available to all on a limited-edition basis, so you’ll have to move quickly to get your hands on the design.

Fascinating Aso Ebi Styles From Past Weekend

Every woman has that fashionable fire inside of her and she only brings it out when its necessary and its certainly necessary when you have to attend any owambe.

The owambe’s are the time when you can pull out your aso ebi styles and get into the program… “owambe” parties are actually where you can show off in a native wear. When you are attending a party in Nigeria it is only smart that you are dressed very well or else you would end up being uncomfortable when you see those who have put in a lot of effort into their looks.

An owmabe is a place where you have phone but trust me when I say many people are actually there to show their fashion prowess. If you don’t want to be left out then we’ve got asi ebi styles that would motivate and inspire your choice;

Here’s fascinating aso ebi styles from this past weekend scroll down to check










aso ebi styles @vikkyola

There are so many fabrics that you can use for an aso ebi style, so it really doesn’t matter… All that matter is that you make the right style choice.

I’ve got a favotite aso ebi style which one is yours? Share with me in the comment section belo.

Amazing Ankara Headwraps For Inspiration

Headwrap style is no new trend. It’s been on for ages in Africa and has been infused into the international street style scenes. Apart from it being totally ethnic and Afrocentric, it adds on a chic and edgy vibe to any look especially when done right. The Head wrap is that extra special fashion piece that spices up any outfit. A casual or elegant ensemble can be well combined with an Ankara Headwrap to give off a very chic and exotic look. The more colourful the headwraps, the more attractive it is and the more volume of fabric available, the more styling options you have.

Ankara head wraps serve as an identity of a true African Queen. We all know ladies love the Ankara fabric because of the beautiful styles you can make from it… Your designer can sew different styles for you, but in order for you to complete the Ankara fashion, you have to know how to tie the Ankara headwraps. Unfortunately most of our ladies struggle when it comes to making beautiful head wrap styles… Gone are the days when you just turn up with 90’s looking head wrap styles. Ladies often think it’s difficult to tie beautiful head wraps, creativity is the thing here…

We’ve some ”easy to make” Ankara head wraps to inspire you to try one yourself…